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    Blog Air filtration: a benefit, not a cost
    16 September, 2020

    Air filtration: a benefit, not a cost

    Industrial air filtration industry is growing exponentially due to factors such as environmental awareness, rapid industrialization and the increasing productivity of plants, which will necessarily have to be at the forefront of energy efficiency.


    A filter for the treatment of industrial air is an equipment used for the pick-up of particles and pollutants deriving from production processes in order to improve air quality and emissions.


    Filtration systems are necessary in any industrial sector where processes generate smokes, pollutants of any kind or odours. This technology helps to improve the reliability of the plants with consequent financial benefits.


    Air filtration has also had a positive impact on environmental conservation, setting a higher standard as far as workers’ safety and protection are concerned, improving working conditions and leading to greater professional satisfaction with a consequent reduction of recruitment and training costs.


    From a financial point of view, air filtration technology has improved the performance of production lines thus increasing the quality of products. Another benefit is the reduction of cleaning costs: a cleaner working environment helps to prevent breakdowns of machineries and equipment, reducing costs and delays caused by possible downtimes, thus limiting the intervention of specialized technical teams.


    The last but not least advantage to mention is the significant reduction in maintenance costs: a filtration system contributes considerably to increase the efficiency in terms of performance and the life of production machineries, also contributing to the decrease of energy costs.


    Overall, there are many factors to be taken into consideration when choosing the most suitable system, compatible with the type of production and the industrial sector; HFiltration, thanks to the know-how gained and thanks to the innovations made over the years, is able to provide a wide range of solutions tailored to every type of problem in the field of industrial air filtration.