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    Blog Bag filters for dusts: which model to choose according to the load
    8 September, 2020

    Bag filters for dusts: which model to choose according to the load

    When the need to install a bag filter for the reduction of dust within a company arise, there are a series of parameters to be considered in order to evaluate the most suitable model according to the specific needs.

    However, it is good to specify that the use of bag dedusting devices ensures a series of advantages, such as:

    • Reduction in emissions
    • Reduced maintenance thanks to the efficient self-cleaning compressed air system
    • Low pressure drops in operation with minimum compressed air consumption
    • Long useful life of the filtering bags

    There is also the possibility of purchasing bag filters that comply with ATEX standards.

    BAG COMPACT: Technical datasheet     HJL Bag: Technical datasheet


    Bag filter models

    HFiltration offers two models of bag filters to better meet the different needs:

    • BAG COMPACT®, designed for medium-light industrial applications, available with integrated or ground fan and for air flow rates between 1000 m3 / h and 13500 m3 / h. A modular system able to guarantee excellent efficiency with emissions ≤ 5 mg / Nm3 and equipped with a compressed air backwash system.
    • HJL BAG, fully customizable and ad hoc solutions, also intended for outdoor installation and for 24-hours-a-day operation. These solutions range from minimum air flow rates of 5000 m3 / h and can go beyond 33700 m3 / h. This system ensures a high filtration efficiency of ≤10 mg / Nm3, equipped with a compressed air backwash system that also guarantees a long life of the bags. This kind of filtration plant is also available in the ATEX II 3D T155 version.

    A complete range of bag filters intended for the abatement of dust in an effective and functional way so that the environments are clean and free of dispersed dust.

    Would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us!

    BAG COMPACT: Technical datasheet    HJL Bag: Technical datasheet