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    Blog Bag filters: when are they preferable to cartridge filters?
    7 September, 2020

    Bag filters: when are they preferable to cartridge filters?

    Bag filters and cartridge filters: when to choose one over the other? On the market there are multiple solutions for the removal of solid particles and particulates connected to specific production activities. In this article we will try to direct towards the suitable solution based on individual needs.

    First of all, it is necessary to specify that both bag and cartridge filters are considered dedusting plants, therefore useful to collect the dust dispersed in the atmosphere in order to return clean and healthy air

    Characteristics of bag filters and cartridge filters

    Bag filters suck in the air full of dust and pollutants and, after passing it through special fabric cylinders in which the particulate is retained, it is released back into the environment. The permeable fabric will block the dust and, through an automatic cleaning mechanism, will eliminate the accumulated residues by moving the sleeves with compressed air.

    The strong points of bag filters mainly lie in their simplicity of use and in the reduced maintenance required for their operation. In addition, the sleeves are equipped with a metal spiral inside them, therefore even in the presence of stresses with compressed air, they will ensure considerable durability.

    By taking advantage of the principle of filtration by means of micro-perforated fabric, cartridge filters have a very similar functioning to that of the bag filters. In the same way, polluted air enters the system and the suspended dusts, find themselves in front of a pleated cartridge filter, where they are blocked by being trapped. As a consequence, cleaned air will be returned to the environment.

    Questionnaire: Bag filters or cartridge filters?

    When to choose bag filters over cartridge filters?

    Before giving a judgment, it is good to specify that both types of systems are extremely valid and capable of ensuring optimal performance over time. In addition, it is important to consider that, if you really want effective operation, it will be essential to periodically check the status of sleeves or cartridges and where necessary, clean or replace them as only in this way will the released air be truly cleaned.

    On the contrary, there is no model that is clearly better than another. A really important discriminant to consider in this choice is connected to the different needs. Specifically, to understand which type of filter is most suitable for a company, we must keep in mind:

    • The dust load, since bag filters are able to cope with dust loads much greater than those with cartridges which are more functional in the presence of different concentrations.
    • The nature of the powders, as bag filters are more versatile than cartridge filters.
    • The flexibility, bag filters are more flexible towards possible changes in the production processes if compared to cartridge filters that are calibrated on specific processes, therefore not very adaptable.
    • Operating and maintenance costs: although it should be the last aspect to consider, it is also good to evaluate the costs to be incurred both in the initial phase and for the maintenance of the plant. In these terms, cartridge filters present greater problems with regard to cleaning in spite of the bag filters instead.

    Is a bag or cartridge filter better for your needs? Fill out our questionnaire and find out immediately!

    Questionnaire: Bag filters or cartridge filters?