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    Blog Digital Check Up: We are close to your needs
    20 May, 2020

    Digital Check Up: We are close to your needs

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    For us at HFiltration relationships are the basis of any activity with any partner. Even in this period of forced distance, we want to be close to those who have decided to trust us and confide in us; for this reason we have thought of a Digital Check-Up service dedicated both to plants that need to be restarted and to those who need to integrate or design an ad hoc filtration system for their company.


    Maintenance is close even if done remotely.

    The restarting is a delicate moment for any system, especially for the polluted air filtration system.
    Clean air and proper oxygenation are essential for everyone's well-being. This is even more true if a system has stood still and the continuous stop could have generated stagnation in the filters with a consequent increase in bacterial load. More simply they may not work as effectively as before if they are worn out.
    To overcome this problem, we thought of an on-demand service to allow the filtration system of each company to work in complete safety.

    A free Digital Check-up

    Although current problems force us to keep our distance, digital systems allow us to be close to the needs of our audience: the customer is invited to make a video call and show us his filtration system via mobile phone.
    This allows us to make a complete check-up, allowing us to recommend the best ordinary or extraordinary maintenance solution.
    If a spare part is necessary, he will have a 5% discount on the order.

    Book your Digital Check Up

    We also “check-up” the specific needs.

    We do not only deal with already acquired customers and partners: anyone who needs our support will find us available to thoroughly examine every request. Distance must not be an obstacle; in this case too, we propose to do a digital check-up via videocall to show us the company, the critical areas and the specific needs.

    Going beyond the simple project on paper and having the opportunity to see a company that needs a filtration system live, even if through a screen, is a more complete way to probe needs that are not expressed on paper. Direct experience and dialogue are the primary sources of information to truly understand a customer's needs.

    The Digital Check-up is not only good for the system

    Keeping a filtration system efficient is good for the health of operators, respects the quality of the air, protects the environment and allows to save on the company's direct and indirect costs.
    We want to ensure a safe re-start for everyone. Even if done remotely.

    Book your Digital Check Up