Blog Filtration systems maintenance: how it works and when to schedule it

La manutenzione degli impianti di filtrazione è di fondamentale importanza non soltanto per garantirne le ottimali performance, ma anche per una maggior longevità degli stessi.

The filtration systems maintenance is fundamental not only to guarantee the optimal performances, but also for a better longevity of the same.

In fact, industrial filters are particularly exposed to wear due to their function, so it is essential to always ensure proper cleaning and the condition of all parts that compose them. If on the one hand we find ourselves in front of a minimum periodic spending, on the other hand we are going to save much more important amounts for extraordinary maintenance or, in the worst cases, for the replacement of the entire system.


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How does the filtration systems maintenance work?

Filtration systems maintenance is usually scheduled, in agreement with the manufacturer, on the basis of the information provided (actual working hours, type of filtering elements, production needs) during the year, planning interventions, optimizing downtime and ensuring the functionality and effectiveness of the system.

The parts of the system that are maintained mainly include the filter elements that must be checked and cleaned periodically and, if they are particularly consumed, replaced with new ones.

For the realization of the ordinary maintenance it is essential to pay extreme attention to the correct disposal of the filters, but above all of the harmful substances present inside them. These in fact should be treated as special waste, therefore disposed of by specialized companies, and handled wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Preventive and ordinary maintenance for keeping filtering systems in excellent conditions


There are basically two types of maintenance to have a system always in excellent conditions:
- Preventive maintenance, that is instrumental and mathematical analysis that can be carried out remotely. These will evaluate the parameters of the plant with the consequent release of reports and, depending on the data collected, will be planned the following interventions.
- Ordinary maintenance, the scheduled ones during which it takes place the cleaning of systems and the replacement of parts that require ordinary wear. In particular, the elements taken into consideration are:

o Filter elements
o Bags
o Racks
o Panels
o Cartridges
o Gaskets

In funzione della tipologia di impianto di filtrazione e degli specifici parametri, verranno poi suggeriti range temporali entro i quali effettuare le periodiche manutenzioni

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