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    Blog How important is it for your turnover to have industrial filters to the maximum performance?
    10 September, 2020

    How important is it for your turnover to have industrial filters to the maximum performance?

    When dealing with the maintenance of their systems, many companies tend to consider only the economic aspect of the matter, neglecting that of performance instead, which is much more useful and important.

    Industrial filtration systems are currently largely requested by the market, thanks also to the strong environmental awareness and the need to protect the planet from possible pollutants. These solutions, designed to capture polluting particles, not only improve air quality by reducing emissions, but make the working environment more salubre and reduce the wear of industrial machinery. Consequently, the latter aspect corresponds to an improvement in performances, to the reduction of downtimes and the related economic expenditure connected to their resolution.

    In fact, filtration system can find application in any industrial sector, bringing a multitude of functional benefits and consequent repercussions on company finances.

    Company performances: maintenance vs. non-maintenance


    The advantages given by the use of industriaI filters in excellent conditions 

    If we take into consideration efficient filtration systems, whose conditions are excellent and who are subject to periodic maintenance aimed at maximizing their performances, you will notice three great complicit advantages in ensuring economic savings for the company.

    • hanks to filtration systems, the air inside the plants will be cleaner with a consequent increase in the performance of production lines which will result in the production of extremely high quality items.
    • A second benefit is connected to the reduction of expenses to be incurred for cleaning and sanitizing the working environment. Clean areas in fact, in addition to improving the mood of the workers, help to prevent breakdowns of machinery and equipment, consequently reducing the costs to be incurred in case of downtimse, but also delays related to the intervention of specialized teams for the troubleshooting.
    • The last advantage is related to the reduction of maintenance costs. That is, if the filtration system is always kept in an optimal state, the environment will be cleaner also maximizing the performance of the production plants which, free of harmful residues, will suffer less damage. Hence the absence of extraordinary maintenance but also the improvement of performances that will allow a reduction in working times with consequent limitation of energy costs for the company.

    To sum up our reflection therefore, it can be said that all the advantages given by the use of filtration systems functioning in an optimal way will not only limit the expenses borne by the company, but will allow to increase the turnover thanks to a generalized improvement in the performances of all of the other machinery inside the plant.

    Company performances: maintenance vs. non-maintenance