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    Blog Maintenance on industrial filters: when and how to perform it
    10 September, 2020

    Maintenance on industrial filters: when and how to perform it

    An important aspect to keep in mind when talking about industrial filters regards maintenance, i.e. when and how to perform it.

    In fact, for industrial filters, as for any other system, maintenance is a key element to extend its useful life, minimize the incidence of serious problems and, above all, be sure of obtaining high performances during their functioning.

    Furthermore, industrial filtration systems require specific maintenance to ensure optimal air quality in working environments, an essential factor to preserve and protect the health of operators who carry out their activities.

    All’industrial filters treating dust, fumes, air and liquids, whether by cartridges, activated carbon, pockets or bags, must by law be subjected to periodic maintenance by specialized personnel.

    How often to perform maintenance on industrial filters? Usually, interventions are estimated every 1000 or 2000 hours of service depending on the type of system.

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    How to perform periodical maintenance on industrial filters? 

    This aspect varies depending on the type of filter and, above all, it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to avoid causing damage to the system.

    The key element around which the scheduled maintenance undoubtedly revolve are the filtering elements. Not only they must be checked periodically, but also cleaned and, if excessively damaged or already cleaned and reused many times, replaced with new ones.

    To carry out these operations on the filtering elements, operators must not only use the appropriate individual protection devices, but also take care not to disperse the harmful substances present inside the elements and, in the case in which they need to be disposed of, store everything in a suitable manner while awaiting withdrawal by specialized companies.

    Download the maintenance program


    What are the advantages associated with performing periodic maintenance on industrial filters? 

    The companies following a precise procedure that requires periodic maintenance of the filters, will be able to:

    • Recycle and recover part of the dust present in the filters, leading it back into the production cycle
    • Increase productivity
    • Obtain economic advantages
    • Reduce the amount of extraordinary maintenance interventions
    • Extend the useful life of the plant and its operating organs
    • Having a healthy and safe working environment.