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    Blog Oil mists filtration: coalescence to clean oil mists from mechanical processing
    14 September, 2020

    Oil mists filtration: coalescence to clean oil mists from mechanical processing

    Many companies are faced with the need to filter the oil mists developed during production process. Therefore, in these terms it is useful to exploit the principles of coalescence, a spontaneous physical phenomenon through which the drops of a liquid, the bubbles of an aeriform substance or the particles of a solid manage to come together to create larger entities.

    In particular, the volume resulting from the aggregation of these elements equals the sum of the volumes of the individual entities that activated this process, while the obtained surface will be less than that given by the sum of the surfaces of the starting substances.

    To get a clearer idea of this physical phenomenon, just think of the formation of rain in the clouds. This atmospheric phenomenon is manifested in that the water particles present in the upper layers of the atmosphere unite with each other creating larger drops that, after exceeding a certain weight, fall to the ground. The drops of oil present in the water best represent the coalescence phenomenon, as they tend to unite giving rise to a single and larger spot.


    The phenomenon of coalescence applied to the filtration of oil mists to purify the air 


    This physical phenomenon is also applied in the creation of filtering systems for the purification of the oil mists resulting from industrial processes. The natural tendency to aggregate makes the principle of coalescence applied in the creation of special filtration systems for the elimination of oil mists particularly suitable.

    Coalescence filters, in fact, provide multiple advantages in the use for the purification of air loaded with oily substances, such as:

    • High separation efficiency even in the presence of submicronic particles
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Consistency and efficiency guaranteed for long periods
    • Chimney emission values lower than the maximum values indicated by law
    • Recovery of the liquid obtained without it having undergone significant molecular alterations, therefore reusable in the same production processes.

    Therefore, in this case it can be said that the principles of physics represent a key ally for the fight against oil mists produced by machine tools. A valid, efficient and effective solution for air purification and, at the same time, to guarantee the maximum in terms of healthy environments.


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