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    15 July, 2020

    Scheduled maintenance of industrial filters

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    What should be said about scheduled maintenance on industrial filters?

    Probably it is essential to define the concept of scheduled maintenance, i.e. the systemic study on the duration of the individual components which consequently leads to the identification of specific technical assistance actions to be fixed in a given time range and which allow to reduce the number of downtime.

    The key points around which scheduled maintenance revolves, include:

    • Known and well-defined periodicity and intervention times, which vary according to the system.
    • Identification of the machines according to a unique serial number, to monitor and control all the elements of the system.
    • Coverage and effectiveness of interventions, through a balanced and complete maintenance program.
    • Check-list for checking the operating parameters.

    These operations will be carried out only by expert and qualified maintenance technicians, who will be able to detect any anomaly present on the industrial filters examined.

    Through maintenance, it will be possible to preserve the plant for as long as possible, increasing its productivity and reducing production costs.

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    HFiltration for the maintenance of industrial filters

    The experience that distinguishes HFiltration in this area, associated with the continuous and professional training of its technicians, will ensure its customers the maximum in terms of assistance and scheduled maintenance.

    Choosing to perform periodic interventions will actively contribute to the prolongation of the useful life of the plant, but also to the perpetual achievement of optimal production performance and the reduction of downtime due to unexpected failures.

    The scheduling of periodic maintenance will allow to promptly identify damages and worn parts, avoiding that these, if neglected, lead to damages and malfunctions with consequent requests for extraordinary maintenance.

    Do you need other reasons to fix scheduled interventions for your filtration plants?

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