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    Blog Two successful cases: coalescent filters for emulsions and whole oil
    13 October, 2020

    Two successful cases: coalescent filters for emulsions and whole oil

    For years, HFiltration has been designing filtration systems, among which, we can also find coalescence filters for emulsions and whole oil

    The careful analysis of the physical phenomenon of coalescence has allowed the company's technicians to design and implement innovative systems that are able to guarantee excellent performance. In particular, two types of coalescence filters for emulsions and whole oil have been created:

    The first series is particularly suitable for particularly demanding mechanical processes that use whole oil and generate smoke, while the second one is recommended if you are dealing with emulsions.

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    MCOS coalescence filter for oil mists


    This type of system is designed to separate oil and smoke particles from the air even in particularly demanding working conditions. Particularly used near lathes, CNC machine tools and applications that foresee a massive presence of oil.

    The air flow passes through the multilayer glass fiber filter system at low intensity, the area in which the coalescence process takes place. Here the microparticles are agglomerated and then collected in a special tank. The flow of filtered air, on the other hand, goes up at low speed in order not to disperse any particularly small oil particle, a factor that allows to guarantee a purification level of 99.99%

    MCOS coalescing filters for oil mist are available in two variants:

    • With integrated fan, equipped with centrifugal motor installed inside the machine which ensures a considerable reduction in noise and in size.
    • With floor fan, to allow installations with customized flow rates and pressure drops.

    Furthermore, the new MCOS Mini models are included among the MCOS filters, available in two smaller sizes than the traditional version, to be installed on the machine and always able to exploit the principle of coalescence for the filtering of oil mists. The advantages are the same as the larger MCOS, i.e. they reduce maintenance costs and increase filtration performance when dealing with demanding applications with whole oil processing and the presence of smoke from burnt oil.


    Scarica 2 Case Studies

    Static filters for oil mist MIST COMPACT®


    This solution has been designed to build centralized systems and consists of a coalescing filter for the reduction of emulsified oil

    Composed of pleated fiberglass cartridges and polypropylene outer membrane, they foresee the passage of air with a slow flow and consequent collection of the coarser particles, then sent to a special tank located in the lower part of the system, while the purified air is put back into circulation.

    Also, this type of filter will guarantee a clear improvement of the working environment due to the drastic reduction of the oil emissions present in the area.


    Scarica 2 Case Studies