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    Blog Voc abatement through activated carbon filters: stop to bad industrial odors
    7 October, 2020

    Voc abatement through activated carbon filters: stop to bad industrial odors

    Anyone wishing to solve the problem of VOCs, volatile organic compounds, within their company could exploit the potential of activated carbon filters. In fact, with these systems not only will all those extremely volatile particles be eliminated, but also bad smells.

    The abatement technology by means of activated carbon is aimed at purification, used precisely to drastically reduce bad odours and remove pollutants insoluble in water.

    The adsorption capacity is proportional to the surface, but it is also influenced by multiple factors such as, for example, the type and concentration of pollutants present in the air, the humidity, the crossing speed, the temperature, the contact time and the particle size used inside the activated carbon filter.


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    What are the advantages ensured by the use of activated carbon filters for the abatement of VOCs? 

    Filtering with activated carbon is particularly effective for the reduction of VOCs, but also for the deodorization of activities where the presence of bad smells represents a source of disturbance particularly relevant for the operators.

    The strengths of these systems include:

    • Outsanding possibility of customization of the systems
    • Extremely high efficiency levels
    • Complete automation of the filtrations system
    • Simple and quick maintenance
    • Reliability over time

    Adsorption is the technology on which the properties of activated carbon filters are based, and it is possible thanks to the high microporosity of the latter, which is precisely capable of retaining most of the polluting substances. Usually these are plant-based materials that are suitably worked and able to ensure excellent performance in both the chemical and manufacturing industries.

    Activated carbon filters for the abatement of VOCs suck the air through one or more fans, conveying it in the area of the filter that contains the activated carbon and special conditioners to optimize the temperature and humidity. Activated carbon filters, usually two, have different functions; the first active ingredient is responsible for retaining pollutants, while the second plays a regenerating role resulting in a stream of steam and nitrogen to eliminate bad odours definitively.

    Il ciclo di vita dei carboni attivi è limitato e, una volta esausti, andranno smaltiti correttamente e sostituiti con altri nuovi.

    Download the Case Study