Blog We can now put on airs together! #HumanAndFriendly has been a success also thanks to your

The #HumanAndFriendly project was a success: in just a few months we achieved all the planting goals we had set ourselves. We positively increased the quantity of trees and consequently the quality of the air we breathe. Part of the credit goes to your company for choosing us and our commitment.


Figures that leave you speechless

#HumanAndFriendly led to great results:

  • 320 trees planted
  • 2007 m2 of planted surface
  • 70 companies involved
  • 130 orders received
Today, based on an evaluation carried out on scientific data, the park absorbs 10 kg to 15 kg of CO2 every day.
In 7 or 8 years at full capacity it is estimated that the park will absorb between 67 kg and 100 kg of Co2 each day.

All of this has been done under the patronage of the Consortium “Parco Alto Milanese”. 

The chosen area is in the municipality of Legnano, where our headquarters are based.

We thank all the people who attended the presentation event last Friday, May the 31st.
For all those who failed to participate, you can gather more information about our project by following this link!

Human and Friendly is not over yet

This was our first step towards a better planet: HFiltration continues with new #HumanAndFriendly initiatives close to the environment with the aim to raise awareness on environmental issues.

Thank you for choosing us and our commitment: we are happy to have you by our side in this tangible sign of respect towards Nature.

A new project is coming soon: HFonTour ... stay tuned!